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Illiterate Mind

Welcome to the author page of Robert Dufalo
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Welcome to my book list!

 I keep them in order of series:

The Dinatech Series



Electric Disease


Meet Dan: your typical didn’t-go-to-college parcel delivery guy making a less than typical delivery to Dinatech, a company deep into government and military production. When Dan finds himself trapped in the building with many of the company’s twisted experiments, his only hope of survival is to rely on help from the receptionist, Clara, who has been trapped in the building with him. Can the pair make it out of the building before it kills them?






Corporate Policy

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.
The story continues when Dan and Clara find they can’t trust the very people that keep them safe. Not only is Dinatech trying to get them back, the Government is out to kill them to keep their own secrets safe. While on the run Dan tries to learn more about the nanobots and how they are changing him.
The action continues when our inane duo try to clear their names and bring down the company responsible.








Dinatech Series Volume one

A paperback compilation of Electric Disease and Corporate Policy.

It's a 5x8 book printed on thick cream paper and is approximately 375 pages of Dinatech goodness (or evil depending how you want to look at it).



Create Space





From Beer to Apocalypse


From Beer to Apocalypse, a comedy thriller about what happens when you leave what is left of humanity to a group of coffee tweekers and alcoholics. You get to watch as they face the Zombie hordes as they search for their next meal of brains and …report the news?
Can the Scottish take back the game of golf?
Can you have just too much work out equipment?
Can you go ape shit and still get the girl?


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