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MY Top 10
I'm always asked the question: "What is my favorite book/movie/story and I thought it was time that I make a list. Because when I'm put on the spot I always seem to forget something that I really love!
Top Story


This is where I think a story or idea has gone beyond it's format and has just started to live in a way that you think of the characters as more than words on a page or images on screen.


Kimagure Orange Road

By: Izumi Matsumoto
This obsession started years ago when I first started getting into Anime. This was one of the first romance stories I’d seen and the story was so good, that it’s been a handbook for how many other Anime romance stories have been done for years.
True fact; I traveled most of Japan in 2005 picking up the full manga set.

By: Masakazu Katsura
I was first blindsided by Masakazu's work when Viz released I"s into the US. I'd never seen his Manga before this, I had experienced the Anime version of “Video Girl AI” and I really wasn’t that impressed with it to be honest. But after reading the first volume of I”s I quickly spent weeks locating and buying every manga Masakazu ever created.
There are times when I think to myself that I like I”s better than Orange Road, but I only have to be reminded of how powerful your first of anything really is. I”s might be better as a complete story, but…


Child of the Grove / The Last Wizard

By: Tanya Huff
I found this book while I was waiting for my mother's delayed flight. What had turned into a quick pickup, had turned into a 3 hour wait while she got another flight home. A few weeks later I'd found a story that had made Tanya Huff one of my favorite authors ever. I still have dreams about scenes in this book, and I hope to make something as epic as this story was to me.

The Night Circus

By: Erin Morgenstern

This book was the more welcome surprise of 2012 for me. It's the newest best thing in the world to me. Erin's writing is like poetry weaved into a story. It was a namowrimo book that she expanded into a full story. Once again proving the program is helping make new authors more than anything else.










Tick Tock

By: Dean Koontz 
I hope to find a hardback copy of this book that I can get Dean to sign for me. Tick Tock was a major catalyst in me moving from saying I wanted to be an author and becoming an author. I've read many of Dean's books, and he's known to repeat concepts between books, but this was one his most original ideas and it was so much fun to read.  















Top Anime




While not the strongest Anime to ever be released, it came out when AIC / Pioneer was king of the market.  El-Hazard has to hold some spot in my top 10 of Anime simply because of it's ending. It's one of the best endings I'd ever seen.







Top Manga


Top Movie


The Princess Bride

I don't think I ever say the name right, sometime when you're around me and I say the name listen close. Regardless of how I may say it, it's a brilliant comedy, romance movie. It's timeless and I'm always down to watch it again. I've never read the book. I've kind of heard mixed reviews.

Vanilla Sky

Okay, so.
Everyone hates this movie or they won't admit they like it.
For me it was one of the better movies I've ever seen. The cinematography, the story, and the dialog are all amazing. The original version of this movie is called "Open your eyes" but remake is better for one big reason (because there really wasn't much different about the two movies otherwise) the music. The director found an amazing way to mix relevant music into the story and make scenes more alive, show more emotion, almost get into the heads of the characters without dialoging. I need to find a way to do this in my writing.













Top Book

 Top Music




Top Music Video

I Knew You Were Trouble

By: Taylor Swift
This was someone I wouldn't have even looked twice at two years ago, but her new album Red has been amazing. I'm not going to stand here and tell you that its the most profound music ever. I am going to say that it's fitting in very well with the audience that is reading more romance and young adult books than ever.
I love music videos that tell a story, many music videos miss the chance to do this. Not this video. I was going through favorite links on YouTube and stumbled into this one. It brings back my hope for music videos.

I'm Not Okay

By: My Chemical Romance
This is another video that shows a story. In this case it's a made up trailer for a movie they should have made! I'd love to have a chance to make the script for the full movie.






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