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Electric Disease Press Release

Indie Writer Robert Dufalo Releases First Novel


Seattle, WA, February 06, 2012 --  Author Robert Dufalo knows a thing or two about having to adapt and grow to get what he wants.  After facing a number of learning challenges in his early life, it seemed writing would be the last thing he’d even attempt.  And in this, he and the protagonist in his novel, Electric Disease, have a great deal in common.

Dan Hollis, the main character, is faced with a literal life or death situation that is utterly outside of his experience when a massive computer failure sends an entire building into lockdown.  “He has to grow, and adapt,” Robert says, and drew on his own experiences to bring Dan to life.  But it’s not all gloom and doom here.

After writing a few serious stories, Robert decided he wanted to do something a little different.  “Like ‘Ticktock’ meets ’24.’  I promised myself that when I wrote my next book, I would make it as fast action, seat of your pants as I could.”

Packed with rarely seen, pulp style action, it keeps you wrapped up with engaging characters and humor, and makes you feel as though you’ve been taken by the hand and pulled headfirst into a zany adventure you won’t want to end.  The book will capture both the grim humor and the stress of a struggle for survival. 

The adventure will be continued with Electric Disease 2:  Corporate Policy, coming soon.


Robert Dufalo is a writer in Seattle.  His first book “Electric Disease,” is available through the Amazon Marketplace.   He plans to release the sequel in October of this year.  He can be contacted through his website