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Welcome to the author page of Robert Dufalo
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Bio / Press Kit
Basic Bio
While at school, Rob studied art, but always enjoyed story-telling. Life intervened, and he found himself working in the tech world, writing code instead of characters. He never let go of his original writing dream, however, and a decade later, challenged himself to complete National Novel Writing Month in 2009.

His success spurred him to complete novels for NaNoWriMo the next two subsequent years, and those early manuscripts became the basis for his first indie novel, Electric Disease (currently available through the Amazon Kindle marketplace).

Rob enjoys creating quirky and memorable characters that are lovable and easily relatable and then throwing them into unusual, funny and occasionally frightening situations that might make readers wince and be grateful that they are reading fiction.

In addition to reading and writing, Rob also enjoys sports and customizing automobiles. He lives with his wife and son in Washington state, just south of Seattle.

"I live in a world where my greatest joy is to hear and tell stories. I love that I can say something and bring laughter and joy to another person. To know I touched someone in that way is an honor and a great gift."

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